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Narda Martine

BSc Hons Neuro, Dip Psych, Dip Hypno, CMI Dip MGMT



Shamanic Practitioner          SUNDOOR Motivational Coach          Workshop Leader


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Through www.OWSOrg.UK I am working as a corporate SUNDOOR Trainer, Firewalk Instructor & Motivational Coach

I am also offering the use of traditional shamanic based practices to support the recovery from childhood sexual abuse

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Sundoor is a word coming from mythology which means living in conscious connection by going through the final stage of working through our past, the Sun Door.  What we can learn from this mythological statement is that we can achieve full presence in our lives if we only allow ourselves to frequently refresh our thinking.  In order to do this the Sundoor methods have been devised, which take ancient understanding about the management of the spirit and bring them into the modern world with a twist that allows the psychology to be changed through powerful surprises made by the body.  The following Sundoor methods are used in my personal coaching sessions;

  • Fire use – the fire can be used as a ceremony or healing tool.  Either way we can clear your bad thinking using the element of the fire to let go of unhelpful belief systems and blocks to being present within the world.  With its transformative powers the new can be channelled in bringing fundamental surprise to your present state of being. 

  • Arrow Break – Using this amazing tool challenging beliefs is carried through with the whole body ensuring complete re-organisation of thinking and power.  Entwining beliefs with prayers for our future the most powerful change in our being can occur.  This is not a method for the light hearted but can be done from 12 years old and upwards so is a great coaching method for teenagers also. 

  • Glass-walking – Making more time for stillness is not something that comes easily to our lives here in this busy modern world.  Receiving ourselves in presence is something that must not be underestimated and can bring around great empowerment in our personal relationships and business lives.  In a corporate environment the glass walk can provide an effective team-working method by teaching the importance of supporting others through difficult concentration. 

  • Rebar bending – A far more intense method than the Arrow Break of working through blockages, the beauty of the Rebar bend is the joint functioning of power as this is an activity done primarily in pairs, although can be done alone if no pairing can be found.  A steel bar primarily used for re-enforcing concrete is bent using only the power of the mind and of course the use of the body.  More about this if the session guides us this way.  

Incorporated into this is my leadership training which has involved being a manager in a business environment, and also spiritual leadership skills gained working in the company of Sundoor Founder and owner Peggy Dylan.  More conventional methods such as NLP, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Six Thinking Hats style management tools will be used if appropriate for full completion of your problem solving.  If you would like to know more about cost and style of sessions please get in touch providing a brief explanation of what problem you are hoping to solve and why you feel this method would work for you 


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Sundoor Founder

Peggy Dylan



The Four Keys to Being Alive !


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