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Narda Martine

BSc Hons Neuro, Dip Psych, Dip Hypno, CMI Dip MGMT



Shamanic Practitioner          SUNDOOR Motivational Coach          Workshop Leader


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Through www.OWSOrg.UK I am working as a corporate SUNDOOR Trainer, Firewalk Instructor & Motivational Coach

I am also offering the use of traditional shamanic based practices to support the recovery from childhood sexual abuse

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Traditional Shamanic Practitioner Work

I am offering the following;

Finding the Way divination sessions - £60 for one and a half hour session

These are 1-1 guidance sessions that can total no more than 3 sessions to ensure you remain in your power.  To gain guidance or direction, advice and answers can be obtained for life's questions.  This session is also used to integrate soul retrievals if previous soul retrieval sessions are needed.  Using traditional core-shamanic journeying methods non-ordinary reality can be used to obtain wisdon from non-ordinary guides whom love compassionately.  This session set as an integration session costs less than standard, see below

Soul Retrieval, Extraction & Power Animal - £95 for two hour session

Using a traditional practice of clearing one's blocks and bringing home parts of ourselves we can clear upset, suffering, or discontent.  Feeling disempowered or disconnected either mentally or physically can allow blocks to arise in our thoughts or behaviour.  Through returning crucial aspects of ones psyche we can integrate back to the self that it felt impossible to stay away from.  Then the changes desired can be worked through and brought upon our lives.  A follow up session is required to ensure effective and full integration of soul parts which is suggested takes place 2-3 weeks after the initial retrieval.  This is detailed above (Finding the Way) and costs £45

Sessions take place in a designated healing room at the bottom of my garden in safe, sacred space.  See the contact page for details


  "Thank you so much for yesterday.  You answered all my worries and it reassured me about my direction.  I will let you know how I get on and feel blessed to have had your help and the guidance from spirit and wonderful Otter energy.  Wishing you lots of love and gratitude" Angela, Body Talk Therapist

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