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Narda Martine

BSc Hons Neuro, Dip Psych, Dip Hypno, CMI Dip MGMT



Shamanic Practitioner          SUNDOOR Motivational Coach          Workshop Leader


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Through www.OWSOrg.UK I am working as a corporate SUNDOOR Trainer, Firewalk Instructor & Motivational Coach

I am also offering the use of traditional shamanic based practices to support the recovery from childhood sexual abuse

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Neuroscience Study

Undertaking a degree in Neuroscience allowed me great understanding of the link between body, mind, and our perception of external reality.  The following explains which modules were studied and how they relate to the founding of OWS Organisations UK, a youth support organisation, which uses capital gained through corporate development to provide activity programmes such as 'Roots, Resolution & Reigniting Elders' in order to change the attitudes within societies young people. 

The following non-exhaustive list of modules was taken over the 3 years;

Cognitive Psychology, Fundamentals of Cell & Molecular Biology, Neuroscience & Behaviour, Abnormal & Clinical Psychology, Developmental Biology, Genetics, Neural Circuits, The Immune System,  Mirror Neurons, Biological Bases of Mental Disorders, Biotechnology Innovation, Conscious & Unconscious Mental Processes, Fear & Anxiety in Children, Psychology of Art, Sensory & Motor Functions

OWS Organisations UK 

I created the idea for the Guided Heart programmes after I learnt what happens to the adolescent brain.  There is a point of development where the connections used most often are strenghthened, and those used not so much are pruned away.  This coincides with the time that teenagers refuse to get out of bed!  Their brains are very busy during this period of neuro-development, and what I understood from cognitive psychology was that during this period of ego-identity being assessed internally the young person was developing into the human being they might always happen to be.  Their thoughts, beliefs and actions around the world were biologically solidifying within the neural networks of their brain.  If these were negative or unhelpful they could potentially lead to a human being who was troubled, or unsure of not only themselves, but of others and the breadth of the external world around them.  It can of course be counteracted with psychotherapy and much hard graft.  Yet for most people therapy just never becomes an option.

Unfortunately for many young people life throws at them quite early on experiences which harden their emotions and their minds can turn to drugs, alcohol and even sexually violent experiences to cope.  They can quite quickly become victims of society's ignorance to the Elder experience these young people actually require in order to develop healthy ego-identities and become effective caring members of society.  This was my basis for founding OWS Organisations UK and running through it not only corporate activities to generate funding but also the Guided Heart workshop series to find a way to help adults and young people move forward if they were stuck in their lives.    

The Guided Heart is a series of activity programmes for both adults and young people that includes the 5 day workshop such as, Roots, Resolution & Recognising Elders, and other 1-2 day events like Voicing the Heart, or Original Medicine for the Soul, alongside SUNDOOR Training workshops and Firewalking seminars.  The Roots, Resolution & Recognising Elders programme was designed specifically for young people at risk of re-/offending and/or children within the UK care system.  It is a unique method of breaking down the ego-development of young people before unhealthy patterns set in and become so habitual that they can never be destroyed.  It is CRUCIAL that we intervene at this early point of ego-development and find a way to bring these young people back to healthy living and wellbeing within their souls, minds, and most importantly their heart.  The adult workshops focus upon working through past resolve that has not come to completion and fruition in their lives. 

An outline of the Roots, Resolution & Recognising Elders programme is offered for you to see the effective ways OWS Organisations UK will be tackling this crucial moment in the development of our most treasured human beings; 

The Six Themes'

Theme 1:            Who am I?                                          Objective: To reclaim and change identity

Theme 2:            What guides me?                              Objective:  To re-learn/reinforce the innate instincts of the heart 

Theme 3:            Make Friends with Anger               Objective:  Stop reacting!  Begin choosing actions creatively

Theme 4:            Finding the RIGHT Tribe                Objective:  Make positive choices in friendships 

Theme 5:            Developing Conscience                   Objective:  Behave in a way to others that makes one respect oneself

Theme 6:            Wilderness Rites                                Objective:  Who will I be?  Where am I going?

To learn more about OWS Organisations UK or to see what workshops we have on offer please email me and I will add you to my notification list when the website is fully developed. 


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The Four Keys to Being Alive !


Learn more about my upcoming book and how YOU can tap into Joy!  











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"I just wanted to thank you & let you know how your soul retrieval has had a huge effect on me since I saw you in January. It’s been an incredible few months of opening up after you showed me where the doors were. The shamanic counselling course you carried out with me has also had a great effect in clearing & opening up the paths & re-establishing my relationship with myself & those around me. Thank you Narda, your work is extraordinary!"

Jeremy, Lanscape Architect