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Narda Martine

BSc Hons Neuro, Dip Psych, Dip Hypno, CMI Dip MGMT



Shamanic Practitioner          SUNDOOR Motivational Coach          Workshop Leader


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Through www.OWSOrg.UK I am working as a corporate SUNDOOR Trainer, Firewalk Instructor & Motivational Coach

I am also offering the use of traditional shamanic based practices to support the recovery from childhood sexual abuse

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The Shaman's Truth


Having qualified as a Sundoor Firewalk Instructor in 2013 I knew this was a tool that could change lives and more importantly the fire alone was a great missing part of my journey so far.  For many cultures throughout history fire has been used for healing journeys, ceremony, sacred blessings, honouring and much, much more.  From my own personal journey, I could see that this fire element was a powerful all-knowing tool that just had to be shared in a deeper way for the psychological wellbeing of my clients.  It made sense to me to not only use its essence in the physical world to walk away our pain, but to take this element in its purest form of combustible action to help clear away unhealthy pathways in our thinking and access deep comprehendible JOY.


Working alongside Peggy has taught me the gifts of communing with spirit in order to achieve harmony within, making desperate changes to the external life situations presenting themselves as and when they are needed.  Like shamanic practice her use of the art of fire allows an opening up of other forms of communing with the deep self that yearns to be heard.  It is with these added gifts that I now share in my practice personalised shamanic based support for the recovery of childhood sexual abuse.  Not my only focus of work, it has still become clear to me what the current system of abuse support is lacking and I hope to fill that gap (Please note this work does not necessarily include the use of fire but can do if you feel it important in your recovery) 


Still providing Shamanic based practices I am now also offering SUNDOOR Coaching methods alongside and/or instead of this.  The following comprehensive services will now be offered;


Traditional Shamanic Practitioner Work – For ultimate psychological wellbeing and full presence in life the past needs healing and clearing


Motivational Coaching – Using SUNDOOR methods such as the Arrow Break, Glass Walking and the Rebar Bend, alongside NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques for a number of pre-defined and pre-determined sessions


Harner Shamanic Counselling© - Bringing non-ordinary counsellors into the realm of problem solving over 5 unique sessions tailored to your current concerns, as developed by renowned anthropologist Dr Michael Harner of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies


Sexual Abuse Recovery Support – combining all the tools I have gained as a coach, counsellor and healer over the years, plus my own personal experience of recovery, I will combine the SUNDOOR tools with coaching in a traditional Shamanic sense to support your journey of recovery into UNTAPPED JOY!


To speak to me on an individual basis about any of the above you can email me or call me on 01825 371579


Peggy Dylan currently runs SUNDOOR School of Transpersonal Education from her base in California.  Offering not only private and corporate firewalking seminars since 1982 she also teaches courses that establishes connections in people’s hearts and minds to bring more harmony towards the planet.  She is renowned worldwide for being the originator of the modern firewalk movement in Europe and the USA.  She has been called an awakened spiritual master and currently teaches ‘Breathwork’, ‘Sundoor Initiation’ and a yearly ‘Firewalk Instructor Certification’ either in California or Scotland at Lendrick Lodge Holistic Retreat Centre. You can read more about Peggy, SUNDOOR and Lendrick Lodge here 

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With Peggy Dylan

Sakahan Training,

California 2015



The Four Keys to Being Alive !


Learn more about my upcoming book and how YOU can tap into endless Joy!



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Each month the newsletter explores various ways in which ancient humanistic practices can help us survive physically and emotionally 



"Thank you Narda, your work is extraordinary!" Jeremy, Landscape Architect 



"Dear Narda
I'd like to say a VERY BIG thank you for the healing. The changes were very gradual and almost imperceptible at first then I noticed that the ongoing pain in my right ear and headaches had gone. You had correctly identified it on your first 'reading' of my energy. However, the most significant changes are on the mental and emotional level and as they were taking shape and manifesting, I became aware that I am going through such monumental changes, it is almost like a re-birth.  I so appreciate what you have been able to release from me to enable me to embark on this new phase of my life feeling empowered, confident and brimming with excitement and the love of life.
~ZS~Airline Pilot

The SUNDOOR Arrow Break,

by Devon Olney, 11 years

I also work with youth in the role of either SUNDOOR Coach or Shamanic guide.  Please get in touch if you know of a young person, or group of young people looking for extraordinary methods to clear self-esteem issues

(See About Narda for full list of youth training undertaken)