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Narda Martine

BSc Hons Neuro, Dip Psych, Dip Hypno, CMI Dip MGMT



Shamanic Practitioner          SUNDOOR Motivational Coach          Workshop Leader


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Through www.OWSOrg.UK I am working as a corporate SUNDOOR Trainer, Firewalk Instructor & Motivational Coach

I am also offering the use of traditional shamanic based practices to support the recovery from childhood sexual abuse

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The Four Keys to Being Alive!   

What is The Four Keys

The need for The Four Keys to Being Alive! is put forward perfectly by Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations with God series.  We are all fundamentally trying to understand the big 4 questions; who am I, where am I, why am I here, and what am I supposed to be doing?  The Four Keys to Being Alive! is a development from this proposal that allows us to process one at a time each of the Four Key existential questionings we put ourselves through day to day. 

It takes great resolve to answer these questions one at a time, but as we move out of stuck-ness we see our depressions are fundamentally flawed and if we do not seek to clear these questionings from our own minds we can remain quite unfulfilled.  The Four Keys can take our pain and place it as the role of teacher if we work it into The Four Keys programme to progress, heal and move on to our everlasting purpose - that which is to ultimately feel unending Joy! 

Ultimately all discontent can be found rooted in the looming of these 4 questions.  The Four Keys to Being Alive! allows YOU to finally meet each one head on using your past experience to clarify your Joy filled future! 

The Four Keys to Being Alive! Programme Outline  

  • Key One - Taking Back the Reins

  • Key Two - Finding the Path of the Heart

  • Key Three - Holding our Story

  • Key Four - Letting the Truth Be Known 

How do The Four Keys help us?

           Key One  - allows us to resolve confusion related to ego-conditioning, who is holding the reins?  The ego or us?

           Key Two - focuses on establishing heart connection, grounding the mind.  Reducing separation from the world allows disassociation from ultimate reality to clear and disappear

           Key Three – our narratives drawn during our lifetime teaches us the lessons for this, what are your narratives?  What are they teaching you about your reasons for being here?

           Key Four - Transformation occurs during Key Four as we take the next step and learn what to do with what we have learnt so far through the previous Keys.  Wisdom gained is like a fabric which weaves into all you do. Our exact purpose is not the goal we realise, but to choose freely in the fundamental safety of our experience within a Joyful living experience! 

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Life After Emptiness (In writing) 

So what does happen after realising emptiness?  How does realising emptiness whilst living a western life style affect your day to day existence and your ability to continue in that way of living?  Of interacting?  For me realising emptiness led to a year of deep depression as I grieved the societal God figure within my subconscious and recognised the illusion of a firm ground beneath my feet.  Finally nine years later I have integrated my experience and recognise that all there was and is was God.  There was nothing to grieve and nothing to fear but in that process I have gathered many gems to help you with your own awakening.  For it can be scary, lonely, and challenging if we do not seek to integrate our souls before we turn and face them as they truly are.  It is within this facing that we absolve our doubt in the absolute emptiness of life for life's sake.   


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The Four Keys to Being Alive !


Learn more about my upcoming book and how YOU can tap into Joy!


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