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Narda Martine

BSc Hons Neuro, Dip Psych, Dip Hypno, CMI Dip MGMT



Shamanic Practitioner          SUNDOOR Motivational Coach          Workshop Leader


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Through www.OWSOrg.UK I am working as a corporate SUNDOOR Trainer, Firewalk Instructor & Motivational Coach

I am also offering the use of traditional shamanic based practices to support the recovery from childhood sexual abuse

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Supporting the recovery of childhood sexual abuse

Having been sexually abused as a 4 year old it has been an extremely long and difficult process moving through life.  First it was being in victim mode, then it was being a survivor, and now sexual abuse is just something that happened to me in the past but no longer defines my need for painful situations to revisit unresolved trauma.

Offered no support during my own journey life became shameful and secretive and as I placed this period of my childhood in a box it felt good to be deep in the recess of my mind.  However, not only had I put my secrets in this box but also my soul and my life energy in exchange for holding the guilt and the shame that were not mind to hold.  As an adult I can see how I jigsawed my being together yet with always one piece missing, and it was challenging for me to accept life as it is and how it was.  

What I am offering to you through shamanic based practices is the ability to explore your own trauma in a way that is safe, and effectively allows you to let the past be in the past.  It is not for me to say where you need to go next with your trauma but I know that without the help of my guides in shamanism I would be no further forward despite the two years of psychotherapy and year of modern counselling.  I feel safe now and am able to offer you a place of safe sanctuary whilst you look for the hidden energies that are no longer serving.  That allows you to hide in the recess of your mind not quite perhaps connected as you truly deserve to be.  This is challenging work and will involve confronting every idea you have ever held about yourself but if you can find that warrior within and take this leap of faith into the unknown, with this journey we can put the past in the past. 

What I would need from you initially is an understanding of your current life situation so I may see where the patterns of destructive energies lay.  Then we could work together to discuss what you would like to clear from the now which will feed us back to where you need to be clearing in the past.  To discuss initial cost and session outline please get in touch I would ask you to not give me too much information as I would like to feel my way through this without an overload of facts, which can muddle the energies with my own projections.   

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Over 3,000 children are identified as needing protection from sexual abuse each year in the UK. 

Those are just the ones who tell


Helpline 01273 720110


Support 01788 550554


Call 116 123




“The number one cause of mental illness is not knowing who you are, and you can't know

who you are if you don't spend time honouring yourself and living in the present"

Naomi Judd, Singer/


"Narda has turned my life around over the few months I have received both Hypnotherapy and Shamanic healing from her. Shamanic healing is not something I had considered trying before however I am very glad I did, Narda clearly has a natural talent for this amazing healing art. I have become more confident and in touch with my own self, and able to move on from the past which has led to many positive yet sometimes subtle changes in my life. Narda is a very professional practitioner offering a sanctuary of calm and healing in her therapies and I would highly recommend her."  Rebecca, NHS Nurse